Voss Taylor Survey

Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our Continual Improvement Process, the VOSS Taylor Staff kindly asks for your candid comments and feedback in the following areas. We ask that you rate each of the following areas as a general performance, while noting any specific concerns or problems that may have occurred.

We welcome all feedback whether positive or negative in nature. Your answers provide valuable information as to the progress and operation of our facility. All answers will be reviewed and if necessary, further follow up will be conducted.


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    How would you rate the communication/reporting you receive from VOSS regarding surface/dimension characteristics?

    How would you rate the surface (quality of scale removal) of your product?

    How would you rate the overall quality of the product you/your customer receives from Voss Taylor?

    Slitting if applies

    How would you rate the edge quality of slit product you receive from Voss Taylor?

    How would you rate the overall quality of Voss Taylor's slit product?


    How would you rate your experiences with the Voss Taylor Shipping and/or Receiving Team?

    Commercial Related

    Compared to other similar processing companies, how would you rate Voss Taylor's value for services offered?

    How would you rate the accuracy and information on the Voss Taylor invoice? (understandable)

    Sales and Customer Service

    How would you rate the communication and follow up you receive from your Customer Service contact (s)?

    How would you rate your experiences with the Sales Staff regarding problem or conflict resolution?

    How would you rate the accuracy of the expected dates/times your material is to be ready or delivered?

    How likely would you use a web-based inventory system to access 24 hour reporting as opposed to the current reports you are receiving from VOSS by email or fax presently? 5-Very likely 3-Possibly 1-Not likely


    How would you rate the overall packaging and labeling of your material? (including accurate information)?

    If you have recently visited Voss Taylor's facility, how would you rate your overall impression of the facility?

    Overall, how do you rate your experience with Voss Taylor?

    Would you recommend Voss Taylor to others?


    If no, please explain in the comments field below.