Voss Taylor Policies

VOSS Taylor policies will issue credit for scrap produced on its slitting operation. Credit is based on the current month’s area rate, less a minimal charge for handling. No scrap credit is given for pickle loss.
If you have any question regarding the Scrap Allowance Policy change, please contact your VOSS Taylor Sales Representative.


Pup coils created during processing are handled as follows:
  • Pups 2,000 lbs or less will be scrapped
  • Pups more than 2,000 lbs will be held for customer disposition until end of month following pup creation.
  • If disposition has not been made by customer and /or has not been shipped within 30 days of creation, the pup will be scrapped.
  • Pup coils are defined as weighing between 2,000lbs to 8,000lbs


The Policy on coil storage at VOSS Taylor allows for six (6) months of free coil storage, for Unprocessed coils. The storage charge for more than six (6) months is $3.00 NT per month.

Processed material more than fifty (50) days old will be charged $2.00 NT per month. Processed coils more than four (4) months old will be charged $4.00 NT per month.

Storage charges are the responsibility of the owner of the steel at the time they are incurred. All storage charges are billed on the last day of the month.

If you have any questions regarding our scrap policy, our pup policy, or our storage policy please contact your respective VOSS Taylor sales representative.