Our Commitment to You

Excellent Service

We are committed to 24 hour, 7 day a week plant operation. We try to maintain short lead times for our services, providing material usually within 72 hours of release. One of the main roles of our sales force is to act as an Advocate of the Customer, making sure that your voice is heard.

Competitive and Dependable Pricing

Pricing is always a critical issue. At VOSS we take a long term approach. We treat all our customers as equals by having standard prices.

Continuously Address the Customers’ Needs

Voss Industries is committed to a perpetual process of improving the quality of our processing lines and services to our customers. We led the steel processing industry by introducing tension leveling to our pickle lines in the 90’s. We led the industry again by installing top and bottom automated surface inspection systems in the early 2000’s. And today, we again are leading our industry by enhancing our processing lines to be equipped to handle the AHSS currently being developed.

Provide High Quality Processing

We accomplish this by being customer driven and committed to providing superior quality and superior service to our customers

VOSS Industries adheres to the following strategies in its daily business:

  • Maintain a knowledge of steel and steel related markets
  • Provide superior quality processing and service
  • Educate and train employees in all phases of the operation including quality management principles, problem solving, and statistical process control skills
  • Develop a strong and reliable supplier base
  • Develop a continual improvement mode of operation throughout the company