History of Voss Industries

Paul Voss, Gabe Voss, Homer Davison and Tony Butera started the original company in 1951, as a small shear house on Howard street in downtown Detroit. Paul’s experience in World War II as the Head of Steel Procurement for the Maritime Commission provided him with contacts at all the steel mills, and was the reason he decided to enter the steel business after the war.
In the early 70’s the company, which was now located in Taylor, Michigan, shifted its focus from steel sales to toll processing. This decision allowed VOSS Industries to service the needs of its customers rather than compete with them. Also, VOSS was able to channel its financial assets, invested in steel inventory and receivables, towards plant equipment and customer service. This decision set the stage for VOSS’ growth as a toll processor.
VOSS Industries has seen significant growth in our business over the past 30 years, going from 87,000 tons processed in 1967 to over 2 million tons processed per year.
Our customer mix is divided between service centers, distributors, steel mills, and end users.
Our goal is to be the processor of choice in the markets we serve.
Success for us means, “Earning and Keeping your Business”