Our Commitment to You

VOSS Industries is customer driven, and committed to providing superior quality products and superior services to its customers. The Corporation requires the same commitment from its suppliers and employees.
Our two plants act as an extension of the processing capabilities of our customers. As independent processors, VOSS Taylor and VOSS Clark provide our customers with an opportunity to meet the needs of their customers through flexible scheduling, “just-in-time” delivery, and quick turnaround of inventory. Our facilities are designed and operated to sustain our customers’ position in the market place.

VOSS Industries Corporate Commandments

In conducting its affairs, VOSS Industries adheres to the following principles:


Do for our customers what we want our suppliers to do for us.


Make our suppliers part of the VOSS team. Treat them with respect and support them so they can provide superior quality products and services.


Treat people the way we would like to be treated.


Operate our facilities so they will produce continuous and consistent high quality processing.